Troy-Bilt WC33 Zero Turn Mower Review

Troy-Bilt WC33 is powered by 420cc OHV engine and carefully engineered to provide excellent performance when it is properly operated and maintained. it is most important that its easy electric start and 4 rear-wheels drive this mower forward speeds.

Besides that features of electric start and powered by a thrilling 420cc OHV engine made it’s a wide-cut lawn mower. Not much assembly required and need not technical assistance, fold the handle up into position, tighten the locking nuts down.

Troy-Bilt WC33 is Best Zero Turn Mower

Because the only assembly required is the handle attachment. Easy to control, just turn the key and go. It can be driven with the rear wheel drive system which is equipped with four forward speeds and variable throttle control.

The TB WC33 XP wide cut walk-behind self-propelled mower offers on a dime or zero-turn maneuverability while mowing. Either integrated deck wash or a wider 33-inch, twin-blade cutting deck provides features of a riding mower in a walk-behind platform.

The 16-inch rear pneumatic wheels and 8-inch front casters with ball bearings made this mower useable for years. There are 2-in-1 convertible feature that the discharge and mulch. But the bagger is optional and it will need to buy separately.

Fuel capacity of 2 gallons you can easily view with the clear view gas tank. This Troy-Bilt self-propelled mower ensures you 3-year limited warranty.

Troy-Bilt WC33 Buying Options

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You will be happy purchased this mower. Your lawn may too big for most walk behinds, but it’s easy to mowing walked behind the mower. A nice brisk walk is better than a ride thus purchase this larger model. This mower was easy to use and has plenty of power for the job.

Use this mower to maintain a cemetery. It is an excellent mower and highly recommends it as it has no problems. This mower does a very good job, and provides a nice smooth cut. It is pretty easy to maneuver.

Just got this monster and really happy with the ease of starting and power. You have cut to your lawn several times with it and you will be glad to select this model.

Make sure you have a good cut plan to avoid having to reverse or change gear during cutting. For held down engages the blades there is a blade control handle which released the blades stop. This action does not stop the engine.

You want to turn the key to the stop position to stop the engine. If the engine is running the blade dose not always turn and you want to engage the blade with a control lever.

Like most lawn mowers the engine need not to stop if you want to release a blade as the brake lever on the handle assist you. Therefore it is a very good purchase at a good price.


Powerful 420cc Troy-Bilt Engine with electric start are excellent feature. Its provide turn on a dime zero-turn maneuverability hence for exact clean mowing.  Wide 33in. twin-blade cutting deck cuts more on each pass and it will shorten your mowing time. This rear-wheel drive self-propelled mower has 4 forward and one reverse speed. It is easy to you control the mower.

Therefore easy control gives more comfort thus lessens your difficulties when mowing. Same 2-in-1 convertible cutting deck lets you choose between side discharge and mulch and it’s a great opportunity for you to make your lane clean and clean.

Single-lever height adjustment in 8 positions between 1 1/4in. and 3 1/2in.H and 8 inch front casters and 16 inch rear turf tires move confidently over varied terrain. This mower is easy-to-use with adjustable plow handle. Clear-view 2-gallon gas tank makes it easy to monitor fuel levels.


Troy-Bilt WC33 Best Zero Turn Mower is supercharged by 420cc OHV engine and punctiliously designed to supply wonderful performance once it’s properly operated and maintained.

Powerful 420cc Troy-Bilt Engine with electrical begin are glorious feature. Thus its give activate a dime zero-turn maneuverability for actual clean mowing. Wide 33in. twin-blade cutting deck cuts additional on every pass and it’ll shorten your mowing time.

This rear-wheel drive self-propelled garden tool has four forward and one reverse speed. It’s straightforward to you management the garden tool.

Straightforward management provides additional comfort and lessens your difficulties once mowing. 2-in-1 convertible cutting deck helps you to make a choice from aspect discharge and mulch and it’s a good chance for you to form your lane clean and clean.

Single-lever height adjustment in eight positions between one 1/4in. and three 1/2in.H and eight in. front casters and sixteen in.

rear turf tires move with confidence over varied parcel of land. This garden tool is easy-to-use with adjustable plow handle. Clear-view 2-gallon tank makes it straightforward to watch fuel levels.

Straightforward electrical begin and four rear-wheels drive this lawn tool forward speeds. Options of electrical begin and supercharged by an exhilarating 420cc OHV engine created it’s an ample lawn tool.

Not abundant assembly needed and wish not technical help, fold the handle up into position, tighten the lockup wacky down. the sole assembly needed is that the handle attachment. Straightforward to regulate, simply flip the key and go.

It will be driven with the rear wheel drive system that is provided with four forward speeds and variable throttle management. The TB WC33 XP wide cut walk-behind self-propelled lawn tool offers on a dime or zero-turn mobility.

With integrated deck wash and a wider 33-inch, twin-blade cutting deck provides options of a motor mower during a walk-behind platform. The 16-inch rear gas wheels and 8-inch front casters with ball bearings created this lawn tool useable for years.

There are 2-in-1 convertible feature that the discharge and mulch. However the bagger is nonobligatory and it’ll get to purchase severally. Fuel capability of two gallons you’ll simply read with the clear read storage tank.

Its Offers a wider 33-inch twin blade cutting deck that rapidly perform your job. All the Accessories are good quality and perfect for use a long time. The 2-in-1 convertible to side discharge and mulch help to complete your mowing with all comfort.

It big, powerful and can cut tall really thick grass without slowing down. And it does a pretty good job.


Setting up the mower is very easy while it is use for first time. The mower is perfect for fast mowing with clear finishing. Packed really well but easy to get out of the crate. It produces lot of power.

Easy to shift up on the fly. Wider 33″, twin-blade cutting deck to provide features of a riding mower in a walk-behind platform. Blade Brake Clutch for Blade Disengagement is the signature feature of this mower.

Need not to stop the engine but engage the blade or discharge the blade. Just control the blade clutch and engage or discharge the blade at a short trick.

Variable throttle control Provide more comfort. There is an Hour meter with maintenance reminder help to maintain the lawn mowing and also help to drive the engine.


Hand controls are ok for the blade control but the drive side needs to be on the bottom vice the top for better control and not so stiff. Need to walk behind the mower and its very difficult to walk a long time.

The only issue is that it is somewhat difficult to install the mulch plug. If you are not expert one then it will take some time to install the plug for first time. But doing such works several times made you skilled and you will not find any difficulties.

But maybe the drive cable can be adjusted a little. Thus the drive engages or disengages with the lever closer to the handle bar may some discomfort for you.


Troy-BiltW33 -inch-Mower- provides you a durable wider 33-inch twin blade cutting deck. It’s well finished coated deck made it strong and increases the life time of your mower. Troy-Bilt-420cc-33-inch-Mower offers you more comfort than other mowers.

It is perfect for you including twin blade cutting deck. Four forward speeds with the rear wheel drive system with integrated deck wash, offer you the best performance. This mower is practical for your property maintenance.

The mower is perfect for lessen work working time when you want to work long hours and its cutting speed is enough. The heavy-duty wider 33-inch twin blade cutting deck features with the rear wheel drive system in the walk-behind platform. With a single lever the cutting deck adjusts to eight settings ranging from 1.25-3.5 inches.


This wide-cut yard trimmer is fueled by an exciting 420cc OHV engine and elements electric begin. Wide 33in. twin-sharp edge cutting deck cuts more on each pass and it will abbreviate your cutting time. This back wheel drive self-impelled trimmer has 4 forward and one turn around speed.

It is anything but difficult to you control the cutter. Simple control gives more solace and diminishes your troubles while cutting. 2-in-1 convertible cutting deck gives you a chance to pick between side release and mulch and it’s an extraordinary open door for you to make your path perfect and clean.

Single-lever tallness change in 8 positions between 1/4in. also, 3 1/2in.H and 8 inch front casters and 16 inch raise turf tires move certainly over differed landscape.

This cutter is anything but difficult to-use with movable furrow handle. Clear-see 2-gallon gas tank makes it simple to screen fuel levels.

Troy-Bilt WC33 is featured by 420cc OHV engine and carefully intended to supply brilliant execution once it’s legitimately worked and kept up. Intense 420cc Troy-Bilt Engine with electrical start are superb component. Its give initiate a dime zero-turn mobility for genuine clean cutting.

Wide 33in. twin-sharp edge cutting deck cuts extra on each pass and it’ll abbreviate your cutting time. It’s direct to you administration the garden instrument.

Blades: Grass Discharge

Troy-Bilt W33 inch Mower Electric Mower has the special feature that the twin blade cutting system. The mower Blade- Cutting width is 33-inch. It is  carefully noticeable that Blades are sharp.

When changing the blades you will save your hands with gloves or a heavy cloth for safety. The special blade bolt is heat treated. Thus replace it with exact bolt if required.

A more extensive 33-inch, twin-sharp edge cutting deck gives elements of a riding trimmer in a stroll behind stage. It is prescribed that Do not utilize bring down review equipment than indicated. The honing of sharp edges must be done by an approved administration workshop.

Adjust the cutting edges subsequent to honing and check the edge mounts. It is most important that the cutting edges are very much honed and not harmed for the best cutting impact.


The Mower has 3-year restricted warranty. Maker’s warranty can be asked for client benefit. First you can contact the producer straightforwardly in the event that you’d like a duplicate of the maker’s warranty for the item found on

You may visit their site for more data. Second warranty will likewise be appropriate from the date of retail buy up to warranty period. This breaking point guarantee may not be exchanged to any consequent buyer of this item.

Additionally you can contact Customer Service group for more data about the warranty of this item. It ought to be recall that Manufacturer’s warranty may not matter in all cases. Guarantees may not make a difference relying upon variables like the utilization of the item, where the item was acquired.

It will consider that from whom you acquired the item. Contact the producer in the event that you have any inquiries. If you don’t mind audit the guarantee precisely.

Assembly & Set-Up

Ensure the lawn mower’s engine is OFF. Evacuate the start key before expelling the transportation prop. Find the delivery support, if present, found on the correct side of the cutting deck.

While holding the release chute with your left hand, evacuate the transportation prop with your correct hand by getting a handle on it between your thumb and forefinger and pivoting it clockwise. The transportation support is utilized for bundling purposes as it were.

Evacuate and dispose of the delivery prop under the watchful eye of working your lawn mower. The cutting deck is equipped for tossing objects. Inability to work the trimmer without the release cover in the correct working position could bring about genuine individual harm and property harm.

Append the red link to the positive (+) battery terminal and the dark link to the negative (–) battery terminal with the screws (a) and hex nuts (b) gave.


This machine is constructed principally to mow grass on yards. You can cutting grass agreeable even ground is jolty and loaded with rottenness or impediments. It is planned with zero-swing mobility to turn on a dime to spare time “. Extraordinary element 2-in-1 convertible to side release and mulch.

At the item conveyance time an Operating guidelines for the adornments will give you. Its suggested you those different sorts of employments of this cutter are entirely illegal. You should deliberately take after the maker’s headings concerning operation.

For this lawn mower upkeep and repairs you should coordinated by the Operating bearings that given you from producer. Utilize just affirmed repair parts to keep up this machine.

It is exceptionally suggested that the machine should just be kept up and repaired by the people who are proficient about the security guidelines.

Incline Operation

Inclines are a main consideration identified with slip and fall mischances, which can bring about serious harm. Operation on slants requires additional alert. The machine is overwhelming and can accelerate while going downhill.

Be set up to keep up control of the machine. In the event that you feel uneasy on an incline, don’t cut it. For your security, utilize the incline gage included as a component of this manual to quantify slants before working this machine on an inclined or bumpy region.

On the off chance that the slant is more noteworthy than 15 degrees, don’t mow it.


You don’t feel dim as you’re always altering yourself to drive the Troy-Bilt-420cc-33-inch-Mower. It’s simple to control while stroll behind the mower. The additional component of this mower is that you have the alternative that 2-in-1 convertible to side release and mulch.

This is the ideal cutter with unrivaled mobility. Since the mower is so natural to push ahead confronting hindrances around the grass. Troy-Bilt offers a more extensive 33-inch twin sharp edge cutting deck and four forward speeds with the rear wheel drive framework with coordinated deck wash.

You can do everything with the yard cutter and it’s additionally decreasing your general cutting time. On the off chance that you need your garden to be totally perfect you cut, pick the Troy-Bilt. Twin sharp edge cutting deck and four forward speeds make the cutter more viable and it’s ideal for your lawn mowing.


The exciting 420cc OHV engine with electric begin is dependable. Under the steady gaze of buying a grass trimmer you may look it in the market. However, it will be evident that the best constructed is Troy-Bilt W33 inch Mower out there for the cash. For long stretch utilize, it’s solid.

Four forward paces with the back wheel drive framework give it long life and those are simple on turf. Cleaning the cutter it’s an element that made your work simple. The trimmer is simple and fast movable for the administrator.

With a solitary lever the slicing deck acclimates to eight settings going from 1.25-3.5 inches. Its give you exact cutting tallness change. That twin deck cutting framework and it give predominant quality and enhanced cutting quality. You will be completely happy with it.

Which one is for you?

On the off chance that you need to cut a huge lawn then Troy-Bilt W33 inch Mower is the best for you. Besides that it cutting extent and super speed help you to abbreviate your cutting time. Troy-Bilt W33 inch Mower is ideal for a jolty surface, that the garden is hard to cut.

The cutter is anything but difficult to control stroll behind the stage. The alternative of 33-inch twin sharp edge cutting deck and four forward paces with the back wheel drive framework is an extraordinary additional component of this cutter.

You may change the machine’s speed utilizing 4 raise wheel drive forward velocities. You can likewise change trimmer bearings effortlessly. Troy-Bilt W33 inch Mower is ideal for you as you require to cut your garden. That twin deck cutting structure and it give overwhelming quality and upgraded cutting quality. You will be totally content with it.

Final Thoughts

Troy-Bilt W33 inch Mower are powerful and efficient. This is such a strong mower which will provide you chances to maintain your lawns for many years. Hence you have total control over the mower as it is easy to control.

Therefore you can move the mower every where and it is total comfort while you control. Engine and technology made the mower strong and easy as your desire. It shortens your work time. This can mow large lawns very quickly hassle-free.

When you control the mower, it’s very easy to reach the control switch. Consequently this is the mower; you select it for superior maneuverability. Besides that twin deck cutting structure and it give overwhelming quality and upgraded cutting quality. You will be totally content with it.

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